Common resources

Through common resources

A thrilling tale of research, ocean management, and the fight for ocean resources! Follow the fish and the fishermen past obstacles, and to the discovery of new possibilities. Just as the fisherman, researchers  need to work together, the family can cooperate through different activities. Connect stories, go fishing, or help the fish past a labyrinth of hooks and nets. 

In the attic at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum you can now meet marine researchers, see how the technology of the fisheries has evolved, and discover how everyone in the world must work together to preserve the ocean.

Explore the history of the sea by immersing yourself in interesting artifacts and stories, or engage the whole family in a multitude of new activities. Find the school of herring under the boat, help the fish escape the hooks and nets, or dive into the depths of the sea with the ROV! If you build up an appetite whilst reading about how Norwegian seafood has changed, or after a peek in the cookbook-nook, you can try to catch something in the fish tank!