Head out for kayaks, rowing boats and other activities.

8 Things To Experience at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum

What to do at the museum!

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum has activities for children and experiences for all ages, whatever the weather! Perfect for a family visit! Did you know that kids under the age of 16 goes for free? 


  1. Experience a real stockfish warehouse
    The museum is located in one of the last remaining stockfish warehouses in Sandviken. The houses were built in the 1700’s and they could easily dock boats from various sides. Go on an adventure in and around the historic building and find out why Sandviken was known as the “Venice of The North”.
  2. Try your skills as a seafood producer
    Learn about the production of seafood through our virtual game Fin City. In Fin City you get to produce salmon from roe, all the way to a finished product. The game is especially suited for children but can definitely be enjoyed by adults as well. The various gaming stations play out every stage of salmon production, from hatching to finished product. Can you beat the high-score?
  3. Discover the history of Norway’s fisheries
    The sea has always been an important resource for Norway, and the fishing industry has been an essential part of shaping Norway as a nation. Learn more about how the fishery has developed and listen to three generations of fishermen share their stories. Join an exciting journey through Norway’s history of fishery.
  4. See if you can find Silja the herring
    Silja the herring is hiding in places throughout the museum, along with different questions and fun facts about the sea. Can you find her? Everyone who participates in the treasure hunt can collect a prize in the reception before they leave.
  5. Learn more about the history of the sea
    In our exhibition “Common resources” you can explore the history of the sea, how the technology of fishery has evolved and how our future ocean might be affected. Meet marine researchers and learn how the whole world must co-operate to take care of one of our most important sources of food.
  6. Say hi to “Oluf”
    Meet one of the museums most visited attractions! Oluf is a giant crab who guards the exhibition “The ultimate catch”. Do you dare say hello? We promise he won’t bite! The bravest among you can take a photo with him and share it with us using #krabbenoluf.
  7. Dive into a world under water
    In the museum we have created an exhibition designed to make you feel like you are under water. With sound effects, lights, fish and other sea creatures in all colors and sizes surrounding you, you can examine shells and snails under the microscope, complete the jigsaw of the world, or take a “Selfish” of yourself as a shark, octopus or crab!

  8.  Storeblå Aquaculture visitor centre

    We have created a brand new aquaculture visitor center called Storeblå. The center is located a short walk from the Norwegian Fisheries Museum. Through an audiovisual exhibition, you can journey through Norwegian salmon production and its significance for the present and future. Is aquaculture sustainable? Why is aquaculture important? What does the future of aquaculture look like?

    As a supplement to the exhibition, we offer guided tours to an aquaculture facility. Please check our website for available times. The tour takes place in an open RIB (rigid inflatable boat) and is suitable for children aged 12 and above accompanied by an adult. For more information, please visit the Storeblå website.

Take a breather in between exploring the museumexhibitions and activities at our café BOD 24! In beautiful surroundings right by the sea, this is the perfect spot to enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Where to find us? Look here

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We look forward to see you. Welcome!


Rent a rowing boat

Rent a rowing boat  and explore the surroundings!


The museum rents out different traditional rowboats. We recommend to use them in the harbour boy the museum or the surrounding area.
It is possible to fish mackerel and saithe in the fjord by the museum, so bring your fishing gear. The boats are moored by the wharf by the museums cafe BOD24.(between the ferry Beffen and the viking ship)

You will be equipped with safety vests, ores and a box including a signal flute/map/waterproof cellphone bag for the boat trip.

We do recommend you to be used to boats as the boat hire is on your own responsibility. The renter must read the safety regulations and sing a contract including name and number and the return time.

We rent out three different traditional boats:

Strandebarmer færing (Storm) 
Max 4 persons pr boat
Price NOK 100 pr hour, and the boat can be rented for 1, 2 or 3 hours. 
Rent the boat here.

Hardanger seksæring (Fløttmann1);
Max 6 persons.
NOK 200 pr Hour, and the boat can be rented for 1, 2 or 3 hours. 
Rent the boat here

Children under 16 only when accompanied by an adult.

Meet the Norwegian salmon

Join us in the visit to a fish farm!

Currently there are no tours available. 

Did you know that every day 14 million meals of Norwegian salmon are consumed around the world? Fish is one of Norway’s largest export trades – soon to reach a value of over NOK 100 billion per year. This tour gives you insight to how Norwegian salmon is produced: after walking through a modern exhibition about aquaculture at the museum, we bring you out to visit an actual fish farm.

What awaits?
Your experience starts at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, located in authentic wooden seaside stock fish warehouses from the 1700’s. At the museum your knowledgeable guide will take you through our interactive aquaculture exhibition Fin City. The exhibition shows all aspects of salmon production: from egg, to a finished product ready to be sold to the world!

After this introduction to Norwegian salmon production you are ready to travel to an actual fish farm. A RIB-boat transports you safely to the farm, where you see the production up close. It takes about 40 min. to reach the fish farm, and we spend around 40 minutes at the farm. All in all, an unforgettable trip through a rugged coastal landscape, seasoned with a rush of adrenaline!

You can check availability and book your trip here.
Please note that the RIB tour is not included in the Bergen Card. 

After the trip:

Explore the Norwegian Fisheries Museum
Your ticket also gives you free entrance to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum. The museum lets you explore Norway’s fisheries history through modern and interactive exhibitions. Learn more about the stock fish trade, seal- and whale hunting, or explore our historic museum building. The museum is located by the sea in the picturesque area of Sandviken, just 5 minutes from Bryggen.

Give yourself a break at our café, Bod 24
After having an exciting day at sea, you are welcome to enjoy a tasteful lunch, a cake or a cup of coffee at our café, Bod 24. The café offers a unique atmosphere both inside, and out on the outdoor terrace. From June to August the café is open from 11 – 17 Tuesday-Sunday.


Where to meet:
In the reception at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, Sandviksboder 23.

Tour length:
2.5 – 3 hours.

Age limit:
12 years of age. Children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Physical requirements:
All participants must be able to board the boat by themselves. If you are pregnant of suffer from back injuries, you must decide if you are fit enough for the RIB-boat trip. All participants must sign a health declaration prior to departure.

All participants are/will be equipped with a RIB suit, life west, helmet, googles and shoes. We recommend that you bring a scarf, thick socks, and gloves if it’s cold.

The boat ride:
RIB-boats are highly suited for a safe and comfortable trip at sea. There is room for 12 passengers. The boat will travel at high speed, but speed is adjusted in accordance with weather. Safety is our priority, and safety instructions will be given in in advance.

We may cancel the trip due to bad weather, illness, other force majeure situations. If this happens, the ticket will be refunded in full. 

Please read and sign the disclaimer form and give to the guide when starting the tour. If you are unable to print out a copy to sign, you can get a printed copy for signing on arrival.


Take the historc ferry to the museum

Maybe the smallest cruise in the world?

From June 1st until August 31st you can take the historical ferry from the centre of Bergen to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum.

This is maybe the smalles cruise in the world, and a lovely scenic route along the waterfront passing several of the historic sights along the way.

You'll see Bryggen (the wharf), Haakonshall and the Rosenkrantz tower. Ypu'll be passing the big cruiseships, if there are any visiting on that day. 

You will also sail along the pittoresque Sandviken, with all the remaining warehouses fron when Bergen was knowned to be the venize of the north. 

In the heart of this, you find the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, that both tells the historiy of the Norwegian fishery, but is located in the most beautiful

seafront warehouses, built on wooden construction in the sea. 

Enjoy a lovely day at the museum, combine it with a coffee break at one of the most popular cafés in Bergen BOD24 and /or visit the Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre,

just a small walk from the museum and learn about the norwegian maricultural adventure.