8 Things To Experience at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum

What's happening in Bergen, and what activities can you participate in during your stay?

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum has activities for children and experiences for all ages, whatever the weather! Perfect for a family visit!


  1. Experience a real stockfish warehouse

The museum is located in one of the last remaining stockfish warehouses in Sandviken. The houses were built in the 1700’s and they could easily dock boats from various sides. Go on an adventure in and around the historic building and find out why Sandviken was known as “Venice of The North”.


  1. Try your skills as a seafood producer

Learn about the production of seafood through our virtual game Fin City. In Fin City you get to produce salmon from roe, all the way to a finished product. The game is especially suited for children but can definitely be enjoyed by adults too. The various gaming stations play out every stage of salmon production, from hatching to finished product. Can you beat the high-score?


  1. Discover the history of Norway’s fisheries

The sea has always been an important resource for Norway, and the fishing industry has been a big part of shaping Norway as a nation. Learn more about how the fishery has developed and listen to three generations of fishermen share their stories. Join an exciting journey through Norway’s history of fishery.


  1. See if you can find Silja the herring

Silja the herring is hiding in places throughout the museum, along with different questions and fun facts about the sea. Can you find her? Everyone who participates in the treasure hunt can collect a prize in the reception before they leave.


  1. Learn more about the history of the sea

In our exhibition “Common resources” you can explore the history of the sea, how the technology of fishery has evolved and how our future ocean might be affected. Meet marine researchers and learn how the whole world must co-operate to take care one of our most important resources for food.


  1. Say hi to “Oluf”

Oluf is one of the museums most visited attractions. Oluf is a gigant crab who guards over the exhibition “The ultimate catch”. Do you dare say hello? We promise he won’t bite! The bravest among you can take a photo with him and share it with us using #krabbenoluf.


  1. Get to know the life in the intertidal

The ocean is full of life, and the intertidal is no exception. We give out species maps, buckets, and nets at the reception, so you can go out looking for small animals and algae along the seaside. How many can you find?


  1. Dive into a world under water

In the museum we have created an exhibition designed to make you feel like you are under water. With sound effects, lights, and fish in all colors surrounding you, you can examine shells and snails under the microscope, complete the jigsaw of the world, or take a “Selfish” of yourself.