Green kayak

Do you want to paddle in the lovely surroundings of the museum and do something for the environment at the same time?

At The Norwegian Fisheries Museum we have 2 green kayaks. Book your trip at and borrow the kayak free of charge. The concept is easy: borrow the kayak for two hours and do something good for the environment at the same time.


Bring a friend, a family member or perhaps a date? 

You can paddle in the canals between the museums historic sea houses, the veteran boat harbour, the bay of Sandviken towards Skuteviken or towards the Old Bergen Museum. You have the kayak at disposal for two hours, and we provide you with the necessary equipment to collect rubbish/trash. This will be weighed upon your return to the museum and registered. We publish the total of rubbish found during the season when it finishes Maybe we are able to beat the 156 kilos found in 2021?



Please share the experiences in social media! This way we spread the word to the world, y using the hash tag  #greenkayak


Nice paddling!