Take the historc ferry to the museum

Maybe the smallest cruise in the world?

From June 1st until August 31st you can take the historical ferry from the centre of Bergen to the Norwegian Fisheries Museum.

This is maybe the smalles cruise in the world, and a lovely scenic route along the waterfront passing several of the historic sights along the way.

You'll see Bryggen (the wharf), Haakonshall and the Rosenkrantz tower. Ypu'll be passing the big cruiseships, if there are any visiting on that day. 

You will also sail along the pittoresque Sandviken, with all the remaining warehouses fron when Bergen was knowned to be the venize of the north. 

In the heart of this, you find the Norwegian Fisheries Museum, that both tells the historiy of the Norwegian fishery, but is located in the most beautiful

seafront warehouses, built on wooden construction in the sea. 

Enjoy a lovely day at the museum, combine it with a coffee break at one of the most popular cafés in Bergen BOD24 and /or visit the Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre,

just a small walk from the museum and learn about the norwegian maricultural adventure.