Our exhibitions

The exhibitions at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum

A world under water

We bring you under the ocean surface. 


What is it like under the sea? Light projectors and sound effects make you feel like you´re walking around on the seafloor. Learn about how scientists have explored the ocean, and the world´s second longest coastline, the Norwegian coast. The youngest can climb into a divers helmet, take a fish selfie or look at shells and snails under the microscope.

The ultimate catch

Learn about the events that have shaped Norway as a  nation!

Through conflicts and successes, the incredible growth of the herring fisheries and cod fishing in Lofoten have provided a way of life along the coast. Today fish farming has developed into Norway´s second largest export industry. Children can create their own fantasy sea creatures while three generations of fishermen tell you about their lives in a fascinating film.

Common resources

An exciting tale of fishing, research and the fight for ocean resources!

 Watch the challenges facing both fish and fishermen and the discovery of new possibilities. In the same way that scientist, fishermen and ocean managers have to cooperate, the family can work together through different activities. Explore history, go fishing or help a fish through a maze of hooks and nets.

Seal hunting

The industry that fell out of favour

Bergen has for a thousand years supported itself by exploiting the sea in different ways. After it´s golden age, seal hunting had to bow down to international protests. 

We tell the story of the local seal hunting company G. C. Rieber. 

Fin city

Become a citizen of "Fin City"!  

As a citizen of "Fin City" you can help us with an important and exciting task – producing seafood! Stand at the head of a fjord, make sure the salmon fry grow up big and strong, feed the salmon in their enclosures, sort the fish at the processing plant and sell seafood to the whole world! 

"Fin City" is an exhibition sponsored by Lerøy that you can find in Ocean Opportunities!

Our museum building

Get inspired in our historical museum building.

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum occupies 18th century wharf side warehouses joined by covered bridges, that were previously used to store stockfish. The museum has, therefore, a multitude of rooms, galleries and staircases, timber walls and sloping floors. The warehouse stands on piles driven into the sea, and the original canals between the buildings have been restored. These warehouses were common in Sandviken area in the 19th century and gave rise to the nickname "The Venice of the North".

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum lies at the water´s edge by the Byfjorden and is surrounded by Norway´s largest veteran boat harbour. Rent a rowboat for the whole family or let the children paddle a kayak in the canals around the museum. We have two beaches where the curious can look for life in the tidal pools: you can borrow an info sheet, buckets and nets from reception. You can go swimming or try your luck fishing.