With the history in the walls

In authentic sea front ware houses from the 17th century, you find the Norwegian Fisheries Museum.
The museum has interactive and playful exhibitions for all ages about the fishery history of Norway, old building techniques, boat engines, herring processing, seal hunting and stock fish trade.
You can choose to rent a rowboat, borrow a green kayak or simply enjoy a nice cup of coffee at the idyllic cafe, while looking at the veterans boats in the harbour.


The museum has interactive and playful exhibitions and activities inside and outside. This is an exciting and dynamic museum that tells our common and significant fisheries- and coastal history. How about renting a rowboat or try to be a sea food producer?

Sandviken - Venice of the north
The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is standing on poles in the water. The warehouse stands on wooden piles out into the sea, and the original canals around the buildings have been restored. These warehouses and canals were typical for the historical Sandviken district, and gave rise to its nickname, the “Venice of the North”. Here you can immerse yourself in the fishery history in authentic surroundings. 

You can come to the museum, no matter how the weather is outside. Come for a short visit during the week or make a day excursion of the visit during weekends. The museum is beautifully situated by the sea, surrounded by the larges veteran boat harbour in Norway.

Our recommendations:
Rent a rowboat. We have several traditional rowboats for hire. You get a safety west and equipment for the boat trip - if you prefer to paddle a kayak, you can paddle for free under two simple conditions: collect trash & share on SoMe #GreenKayak

During the months of June, July and August you can take the small, historical ferry Beffen and discover Bergen from the seaside. A day pass gives 20% discount at the Bergen Aquarium, Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre, The Norwegian Fisheries museum and the Old Bergen museum.

At the museum you can rent a rowboat, borrow a green kayak free of charge and contribute to keeping the coast litter free. (www.greenkayak.org).
Order a family tour and discover the hidden secrets of the sea houses, build a barrel or try to make knots like a sailor.

Fin City - a virtual gaming room
In the virtual gaming room of the museum you can learn more about the production of seafood. I Fin City you produce salmon and other sea food from roe to finished product. The game is for children, but just as fun for adults. Can you manage to brake the last record?

Just a 5 min walk from the museum you find Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre, an audiovisual universe for all ages. For just an extra NOK 20 you will be enlightened about the aquaculture of today and the future.

Finally, do visit our cozy museum cafe, BOD24, offering a tasteful menu based on fresh ingredients. The ambient is always welcoming, weather it is inside in homely facilities or outside by the harbour. The cafe is open Tuesday - Sunday 11-17.

The museum is universally designed.

How to get here:
Bus, city bike and scooter: The museum is situated in Sandviken, Only 5 kin by bus from the city centre. Buss number  3, 4, 39, 12, 16E or 19  from the city centre  passes continuously and stops at Sandvikstorget right by the museum. At the same stop as the bus stops, you find parking for the city bikes.

Car: approx 5 minutes from the city centre following road 585 to Sandviken

Boat: Take the historical Beffen ferry from the fish market