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Rent a rowing boat

Rent a rowing boat and explore the surroundings!

  • Silje Katrine Robinson

The museum rents out different traditional rowboats. We recommend to use them in the harbour boy the museum or the surrounding area.
The boats are moored by the wharf by the museums cafe BOD24.(between the ferry Beffen and the viking ship)

You will be equipped with safety vests, ores and a box including a signal flute/map/waterproof cellphone bag for the boat trip.

We do recommend you to be used to boats as the boat hire is on your own responsibility. 

The renter must read the safety regulations and sing a contract including name and number and the return time.

We rent out different traditional boats:

  • Museum Vest

Boat for 4 persons

A traditional Stranderbarmer rowing boat, that seats a total of 4 persons. 
NOK 100 pr hour

  • Museum Vest

Boat for 6 persons

A traditional norwegian seksæring, that seats up to 8 people. 
NOK 200 pr hour

  • Silje Katrine Robinson

Life jackets

We provide you with life jacket, and we have all sizes.

Children under 16 only when accompanied by an adult.

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