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Storeblå Aquaculture Visitor Centre

A visit to Storeblå gives a unique insight into the world of salmon.

  • Thor Brødreskift

Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre is situated only 5 minutes walk for The Norwegian Fisheries Museum. Visit our modern and thought-provoking exhibition of one of Norway's biggest industries. Dive down in an audiovisual universe showing today's salmon production, the significance of the industry for society and the challenges they are facing both in society and the ones that need to be solved for the future. Is aquaculture sustainable? Why is aquaculture important? What is the aquaculture of the future?

Let yourself be fascinated, learn more and reflect! 

Norwegian Fisheries Museum + Lerøy Seafood

Storeblå aquaculture visitor centre is a collaboration between Norwegian Fisheries Museum and the seafood company Lerøy. 

The Norwegian Fisheries Museum is editorially responsible for the exhibition, while Lerøy has been in charge of the financing of the centre

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    Thor Brødreskift
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    Thor Brødreskift
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