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Our beautiful seafront stockfish warehouses

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Experience an authentic Bergen stockfish warehouses. Inhale the scent of the sea as you explore the rooms and corridors with slanted floors and timbered walls. The sea sheds at the Norwegian Fisheries Museum are an exhibition in themselves. In the mid-1600s, the harbor areas around Vågen were fully developed. Bergen merchants needed new waterfronts for their warehouses and filled Sandviksbukten with sea sheds. The sheds were particularly used for storing dried fish but also much more. Take a step back in time and explore a myriad of breezeways and intriguing rooms!

By the end of the 1800s, there were approximately 150 such buildings in Sandviken, and many of the sheds were situated on supports out in the sea, accessible by boat on all sides. This earned Sandviken the nickname 'The Venice of the North.' There are fewer than 40 sea sheds still standing, and modern landfills have placed the sheds on dry land. Here at the Fisheries Museum, you can see how it once was when the original canals have been reconstructed.

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